Furla Dubai

Furla bags debuted in the late1970s and made an immediate impact with their avant-garde materials; leathers, nylons and rubber! Over the years, Furla has always favoured a sober, simple and elegant style. The brand has continued to invest in research and technology to assure constant innovation across all its lines. Company founder, Giovanna Furlanetto, claims that when the Furla bags became branded with a logo it was motivated by both personal gratification and the desire to express a precise vision of design, in equal measure.

The brand’s production includes instantly recognisable bags; the Gummy Bag, made with a single piece of hot-pressed rubber, and the completely transparent Boarding Bag; designed to facilitate airport security control.

Furla has continued to invest in product quality by employing a continual evolution of increasingly valuable, prestige hides, with a special focus on individual details. Producing over a million bags a year, the brand has broadened its range with pre-collections and flashes to keep their stores continually updated. All production takes place in Italy, by skilled artisans using top quality materials and traditional techniques.

From its very beginnings to the present day, Furla has developed their designs without ever losing sight of the values that have made the brand famous, the world over: Ongoing commitment to research and innovation, combined with a sense of modern luxury.


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