Boutique 1 Beirut

Boutique 1 Beirut

2 Park Avenue, Beirut Central District

Architect, Pascal Tarabay, has designed this flagship store as a platform for the fashion culture to express itself with simple, clean and modern attributes that exhibit our bespoke and exclusive offerings in a truly unique way. 

Boutique 1’s flagship store in Beirut is situated on one of the most prestigious streets in the heart of the capital’s Central District.  Spanning 12,000 square feet, the store is the ultimate fashionista hub, showcasing edited selections from the most coveted fashion brands across the globe.  In addition there is a dedicated area for books and home accessories which highlights Boutique 1’s unparalleled approach and its success in merging fashion and lifestyle to create an unrivalled and bespoke shopping experience. 

Boutique 1 Dubai carries the same concept of the Beirut store, whilst maintaining unique attributes and offerings.


2 Park Avenue,
Beirut Central District
Phone:+ 961 1 981 666
Fax:+ 961 1 981 660

Opening hours:
1st July -30th September:

Monday to Saturday - 10am to 9pm

Sunday - 3pm to 8pm 

1st October - 30th June:

Monday to Saturday- 10am to 8pm

Sunday- closed.